Dealing / Living with Chronic Pain

The best thing about having blog is being able to talk about my own experiences and the things I deal with on a day to day basis. When you’re in your 20s, you would think that life is about going out with friends, travelling, partying and diving right into your career but when you have… Continue reading Dealing / Living with Chronic Pain


The trouble of having a 10- Gallon capacity for love…

Have you ever felt like the love you give out isn't always reciprocated in the same volume you expected?  Well my dear petals here is where the 10 gallon concept comes into play,  it is a concept introduced by Bishop TD Jakes , during his speech on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  He talked about how there are… Continue reading The trouble of having a 10- Gallon capacity for love…


Road to Recovery | Why I have been M.I.A from Social Media ?

If you haven't already noticed , I've been away for a couple of months after being forced to take a social media break.  The notion behind my break was that with all the content out there, until I was sincerely was ready and wanting to share, I didn't want to add to the noise.  But now… Continue reading Road to Recovery | Why I have been M.I.A from Social Media ?


International Women’s Day

Thursday 8th March 2018 marks the special occasion of International Women's Day. A day dedicated to the recognition of women all around the world for their achievements regardless of differing ethnic background,cultural, economic neither political. In light of this,  I want to share with you a poem close to my heart which really embodies women's empowerment… Continue reading International Women’s Day


City Break In Stockholm- Sweden

 I was fortunate enough to visit the capital city of Sweden - Stockholm, during the Winter of 2017. I know  what your thinking, Stockholm in the Winter = Brrrrr Cold!! And that it was indeed but wrapped and warm I was ready to explore the city and enjoy its culture and world-class shopping. The scandinavian city embraced… Continue reading City Break In Stockholm- Sweden